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Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

At Forest River your ownership experience is of paramount importance to us. Timely and efficient service, as well as maintenance of your product is a key factor to a positive ownership experience, while enhancing your lifestyle.

The Dealer plays a significant role in your ownership experience and a Dealer located thousands of miles from your residence or the primary use location of your product will be hard pressed to provide you with the service you deserve.


Below are a few things to seriously consider when making your purchase and choosing a Dealer:

  • Dealers in our Industry are not franchised like automotive dealers and therefore not obligated to work on your product when it is not purchased from them.
  • Our Dealers are independently owned and operated businesses. Service and scheduling is at their discretion and priority is commonly provided to customers that purchased from their dealership.
  • Pre-Delivery Inspections and the customer’s product orientation educating them on their new purchase are often more thorough and convenient for both the customer and dealer when performed by your local dealer. Proximity to your dealership determines the ease of follow up on questions that may arise.
  • Your first uses may result in some needed adjustments and tweaks. Often referred to as “shake down,” these minor adjustments are much more easily addressed by your local (and selling) dealer.
  • Scheduling timely warranty repairs and adjustments through your local dealership provides far greater flexibility and convenience to you the customer!
  • Purchasing locally allows you to establish longstanding personal relationships with your dealer, enhancing your overall experience and adding value in future transactions from product to product.
  • Local dealers are more readily available to assist their loyal customers with product questions, user tips, and are more knowledgeable regarding uses and regulations within the dealer’s region.
  • Your dealer’s knowledge of how your product is serviced and maintained can help to enhance its value when you make a trade.
  • Buying locally provides you a greater opportunity to develop relations not only with the dealer principal and managers, but also those team members at the dealership who actually service your product.
  • Buying locally helps you support local businesses who in turn support your community by providing jobs and aiding the local economy.
  • With one of the largest North American Dealer Networks, Forest River is committed to helping customers with service when they are in transit and far from their local dealer.